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UIPCX 1.5.3 Windows/MacOS

UIPCX - Server for X-Plane 11 full install.

Windows 32/64 bits and MacOS.


- Changelog

1.5.3 Nov 1 2020
Added menu option to reload uipcxdatos.txt

1.5.2 May 18 2020

Some data ref are available in multiple formats: for example Int and Float.
UIPCX now chooses the type with most precision - For example if Float and Int are available, Dataref will be considered Float.

1.5.1, April 15 2020
If a single element of an array dataref is specified in config file using _x syntax, UIPCX would reply with the extended
number, including slot. I.e, using this config file line:

21 sim/cockpit2/engine/indicators/N1_percent _1

Specifies to map SIOC variable 21 to dataref N1_percent[1]. However, when UIPCX was returning the value it was returning:


instead of the correct:

1.5.0, April 14 2020
New configuration setting: Port.
Specifies TCP port to listen at. Defaults to 8090,
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