Engine display (N1, N2, TGT)

Author: fransedano  |  Category: Engine display modules


I got some engine display modules from a late b727, here are some pictures of the controller board and a short video:



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Fire module

Author: fransedano  |  Category: Fire Module

Controller board

Fire module from a b737



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Overhead controller module

Author: fransedano  |  Category: Overhead

128 Non-multiplexed inputs, 128 constant current outputs, with blink and dim capability, 16 7-Seg digits and I2c expansion.



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Author: fransedano  |  Category: electronics, Power distribution


Power controller board: Receives +26, +12 and +5 and, based on data received thru CAN, enables/disables power to lighting.

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Real 737 Throttle

Author: fransedano  |  Category: mechanical, Throttle

Just started dismantling and cleaning up of a real b737 throttle. Some pics on the process..

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