New board : Generic stepper

Author: fransedano  |  Category: Stepper

It’s good to have a generic stepper board – A lot of instruments can be made using a stepper motor, with just some tweaks on the firmware. This board is for using ubiquitous Switech X25.168 steppers, used on car instruments. They can be found on ebay for about 4$ piece, and they are very easy to use. I was not so happy on driving them directly from a microcontroller output due to they being an inductive load, but after some testing it seems it’s safe not to use a flyback diode. I can always add them later on, once I destroy a couple microcontrollers 😉


This board is designed to fit inside an instrument enclosure, being only 45x45mm and directly supporting stepper and 2 lighting LEDs. Will post some more pictures showing the prototype.


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